Welcome to Family Routes

We exist to support children, individuals and families through their adoption or fertility journey.

Our promise to you

We’ll stick with you when others give up and be a service you can always rely on. Everyone’s situation is different and each person needs a unique response — our starting point needs to be where you’re at and what you’re identifying as the issue.

We want to help more families

We know what we do makes a real difference in peoples lives. Our staff are committed to going the extra mile but we need your support so they can continue to make a difference.

Our goal is to reach out to more people who are affected by infertility and adoption.

For more than 30 years we have been making a practical difference in people lives through providing support, specialist counselling, training and advice.

Through all our work we aim to strengthen peoples resilience, and help people make connections between their past, their present and their future — help them to draw on skills and coping strategies they have used in other situations and transfer these to their current situation.

There are 2000 children waiting to be adopted in the UK right now

We believe that every child should feel loved and secure. So we …

… facilitate the adoption process and provide safe opportunities for adopted families to grow together. We stick with families as they learn to understand each others needs & provide guidance and counselling to support them.

Each year Fertility Counselling receive more than 350 new referrals.

Around 1:7 couples in the UK have difficulty conceiving. That’s why …

… we are committed to supporting people who struggle with fertility. Through fertility counselling we help people explore all the options available to them and to live with the choices that they make.

We provide a safe place where you can talk openly and get the support you need

We believe that everyone can turn their lives around. Even when …

… people struggle to make sense of their family lives, to understand the choices available to them and help them to come to terms with the consequences of previous decisions they have made.

Over 100 families were supported by TESSA in 17/18

Fitting into a whole new life is tough for adopted children and parents. So we …

… provide the support that all families need from time to time in their lives. In particular, adoptive families need support at key points – when they come together as a family, as they learn to understand each other’s needs, at key points of transition.

We’ll walk you through it, one step at a time

Our Resource Hub is full of helpful guides from our expert team to help you on your journey and stories from some of the people we have helped throughout the years.

Our Services

Our core services provide support for families who have adopted, children who have been adopted, birth relatives of adopted children, adopted adults trying to find birth relatives and we provide fertility counselling.

Adoption assessment and post-adoption support for families and adults
Leading provider of specialist fertility counselling
A support and counselling service for birth families
Therapeutic and education support for adopted children and their adoptive parents

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